domingo, 19 de junio de 2011

Savoir Faire- Hollywood Class.

Esencia Hollywood 100% en Savoir Faire, el lado canalla y sobre todo Rock and Roll de la ciudad de las estrellas. Mucha exquisita decadencia rezuman de los temas de Savoire Faire, desde Check Berry, Rod Stewart, Johnny Thunders, Stones, Funk y Soul corren por sus temas, donde incluso aplican capas de sintetizadores en algunos de sus temas pero que no quitan la esencia.Podéis escuchar aquí algunos de sus temas (, no están nada mal, yo me tope con ellos de casualidad a través de la blogosfera y me han hecho pasar un buen rato. Os dejo la bio de la banda de dicha página:“Returns to his rock ‘n’ roll roots on his latest recording, “Hooray For Hollywood.” Imagine Chuck Berry, Bobby Womack, Johnny Guitar Watson, The Sex Pistols, Bo Diddley and Rod Stewart (in his early days) whirled in a blender and the final product would not be too dissimilar from this recording. Escape with Savoir Faire to the trashy world of tinsel town’s streets. The opening selection, “Frustration” sets the tone for the running theme of “ Hooray For Hollywood” which deals with hardships of survival in a big city. “This album is for the working class and the people who don’t have good luck, like the denizens of the night,” said Savoir Faire. “I wanted a wild take no-prisoners head cutting sound.” Songs like “Pirate Of The Hollywood Hills’ and “Guitar Toting’ Pimp” are not only honest and brutal, but they are also autobiographical in nature.

From an early age, Savoir Faire started hanging out at local blues bars, scoring opportunities to back such rhythm and blues legends as Louisiana Red,Joe Houston, Mickey Champion and Johnny Morrissette. His boyhood band, The Fancy Lads, nurtured his rock ‘n’ roll chops. The Fancy Lads managed to release a 7" (Planet Of Noise) and has also appeared on compilations like the soundtrack “ Born To Lose” (Bomp Records) and Jeff Dahl’s “Trash On Demand.” (Ultra Under). An unreleased demo was recorded in Alabama with members of soul legend Eddie Hinton’s band that included John Wyker of Sailcat. Savoir Faire has created an underground buzz with his two previous self-released productions, “Sextiny” and “Sex Magick,”.

In order to achieve a more organic sound, Savoir Faire forgoes the use of synthesizers on “Hooray For Hollywood,” while further creative inspiration courtesy of producer Luther Russell (The Freewheelers & Federale) rounds out the recording’s classic rock ‘n’ roll sound. Song like “Crazy Shoes” and Rock “n’ Roll Thug” evoke a certain edgy raunchiness many find lacking in modern popular music. “I’m sick of all of that whiney personal rock out there these days,” said Savoir Faire.” It is time for someone to cut through all this hippie trust fund crap.” “Hooray For Hollywood” is not some type of nostalgia trip. Savoir Faire is waking up rock and rock from the dead. He will be promoting this release by hitting the road and touring. You have been warned! “

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